As we continue to work on getting “Natty McGum and the Lazette Street Gazette” ready, I wanted to share a little gem of a website /service I found that has me doing even more reading. is just like the name sounds, a nice site that will send you an excerpt of new books for free. Every time an author post to the site, you can sign up to get an e-mail with the sample or samples.

I’m finding it is a great way to discover little known and especially first time authors. The one that really caught my eye most recently was “Madapple” by Christina Meldrum. After being able to read the first chapter, I am really looking forward to getting this book in the very near future.


The good thing about Free Book Excerpts is its ability to bring some hidden gems your way. The site covers all genre’s in a very concise way. But as Amazon is discovering with the Kindle and independent e-publishers have known for awhile, if you offer a sample, you end of with more people choosing to purchase the book.

I’d recommend anyone who wants to find out about books that are overlooked to visit the site and subscribe to their e-mail alerts.

You’ll be happy you did.