Walk Broad Publishing Logo

Walk Broad Publishing is a company dedicated to bringing quality, original e-books to the Next Generation of Readers.

I started Walk Broad to serve those readers who have embraced e-book reading on their desktops, laptops, tablet PC as well as devices like the Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, Cybook, iLiad (to name a few) to supplant, or in addition to, paper books.

Being an avid reader of e-books (who prefers them over paper books whenver possible), I am striving to do my part for their more general acceptance. 

Our children’s illustrated e-books are an answer to a need. Being a father who would rather read an e-book than a paper book, I was searching for good stories to read with my son and couldn’t find any.

There are some sites around, but they were generally using extra proprietary software or viewable only while on-line. How do you read a book to your child at bed time if it is tied to an application on your desktop? Ever tried lugging a laptop to bed?

I wanted to be able to offer quality children’s books for other parents who were already comfortable with doing most of their reading on the new and upcoming wave of digital e-book readers from anywhere, at anytime.

Also, being environmentally aware, I want to continue to encourage the adoption of e-book reading with its very low raw materials resource consumption, as an excellent example to set for the generation as well as a way to get them comfortable with what may soon become their standard form of reading, whether it is periodicals, textbooks or just for the good ol’ fashioned joy of reading.

So began the original idea of starting a company like Walk Broad Publishing.

But we won’t be stopping there. We will be branching out into the more “traditional” e-book realm of full length novels for “Tweeners”, Young Adults and regular grown folk (other wise known as adults) as we grow so we invite you to stay tuned!