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Well, it’s still busy here at Walk Broad Publishing. We are still working to let everyone know about “Good Morning, Friend Moon” so far, the reception has been very good.

After some initial feedback, we’ve optimized the book further for reading on devices like the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader. Those updates have made it especially nice in Adobe Digital Editions as well. We are happy that our readers have more choices that look better than many other ebook publishers.

But, I know, you aren’t here for a progress report. You want to see what we’ve been working on next, right? Well, here it is!



Good Morning, Friend Moon coverWalk Broad Publishing is gearing up to begin offering quality and affordable e-book publications for children.


Our first book, “Good Morning, Friend Moon” will soon be available as both a PDF download readable on a variety of devices as well as for your desktop, laptop or tablet PC. We are also working to have all of our publications available eventually using Mobipocket for compatibility with the Amazon Kindle and on


We’ve also will have two other books available within the next few months. “Natty McGum and the Lazette Street Gazette” as well as “Operation: Tooth Fairy.”

We’ll be keeping everything and everyone up to date and letting all of our readers know when all of our publications become available.

Stay tuned!

-AJW, Publisher